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“Building Your Visions, Creating Reality.”

Augmented and virtual reality has one big thing in common. They both have the remarkable ability to alter our perception of the world.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Is An Emerging Form Of Experience In Which The Real World (RW) Is Enhanced By Computer-Generated Content Tied To Specific Locations Or Activities. AR Is Becoming Visible In Our Audio-Visual Media And Is Beginning To Enter Other Aspects Of Our Lives In Tangible And Exciting Ways.
  • When We Commonly Think Of Virtual Reality (VR) Our First Thought Is To Turn To A Modern VR Headset As Well As All Of The Various PC Applications Which Are Beginning To Include Virtual-Reality Support. So The Term ‘Virtual Reality’ Basically Means ‘Near-Reality’.
“Virtual Reality Is A Medium, A Means By Which Humans Can Share Ideas And Experiences.”
Virtual reality apps and augmented reality apps are designed to eliminate user pain points, enhance customer service, and create the personalized customer experience.
How To Use Cameras To View VR Environments, And Work With The Different Inputs Available To Interact With Your Virtual World.

Topics Include

The state of virtual reality VR user interfaces Setting up a development environment Setting up a project Creating scripts Adding a custom skybox Mobile device configuration VR cameras Interacting with the VR environment Spatial audio
  • The state of virtual reality
  • VR user interfaces
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Setting up a project
  • Creating scripts
  • Adding a custom skybox
  • Mobile device configuration
  • VR cameras
  • Interacting with the VR environment
  • Spatial audio

Advantages Of Using VR/AR In Your Business

  • Standing out among the competition
  • Showcasing the goods
  • Attracting a younger target audience

With The Help Of VR / AR Apps Businesses Can

  • Make shopping 100% personalized
  • Provide exceptional customer service all around the world
  • Involve customers in product design

Ways For Business To Adopt AR/VR Technology

  • Virtual and augmented reality is an ever-growing medium being used by businesses to improve processes and bolster employee education through training programs.
  • The successful use of the VR/AR technologies is evident. The amazing popularity of game apps (e.g. Pokémon Go) shows that a lot of consumers are ready to adopt this tech and are increasingly looking for VR/AR experiences.
  • What is certainly clear, we are going to see a rise in the adoption of virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • Before we dig deeper into the industries that are looking forward to adopting virtual reality technology into their business processes, it’s necessary to know some of the benefits VR offers.
  • VR offers a visual method to showcase your product and its USP to your customers over long distances. For sellers, it can be extremely difficult at times to convey their message via text descriptions. VR gives customers an option to try out new products before they make a purchase. Business travel costs can be cut down by holding meetings in virtual reality.

AR/VR Services

  • ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.’ Augmented Reality Helps You In Achieving This. Rather Than Reading A Chapter, It Will Be More Effective To Visualize The Subject. The Augmented Reality Keeps Students Excited And Interested In New Learning. On The Other Hand, Virtual Reality Exists In An Entirely Artificial Environment. Virtual Reality Seems Much More Real Compared To Augmented Reality, But A Downside Of It Is That It Needs A Dedicated VR Headset To Run Any Application.
  • Healthcare In AR/VR – Healthcare Industry Has Massively Benefitted. Phobia Treatment, Mental Illness Alleviation, Surgery Simulation, Skills Enhancement Programs, Training And Many Other Tasks Are Now Easier And Less Time Consuming AR Applications Give Learners The Ability To Visualize And Interact With Three-Dimensional Representations Of Bodies VR Is Being Used To Train People In Healthcare Industry That Include Medical Training, Patient Training, As Well As Medical Marketing.
  • Retail -In Retail, It Can Be Used In Ways That Help Businesses Move Customers Through The Purchase Funnel.
  • Shopping In AR/VR -Uncertainty Is The Main Thing Which Restrains Users From Buying Things Online. If AR Is Used To Give Shopping Experiences Then It Can Get Done In A Highly Realistic Manner In The Selected Environment.
  • Gaming In AR/VR – As VR Implies The Artificial Simulation Of Real-Life Plot And Surroundings, So When You Engage Yourself With A VR Game, You Feel A Part Of The Gaming Process. Virtual Reality Actually Makes The Gaming Process More Engaging And Thrilling. AR Games Become More Interactive, As One Can Relate Them To The Computer-Generated Characters. This Makes The Gaming Experience Of AR Games More Realistic Than VR.


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